2017 Keynote Speakers

2017 Keynote Speakers



Beginning in 1999, Beane and former Assistant GM Paul DePodesta shattered antiquated Major League Baseball (MLB) beliefs that big payrolls could mean more wins by implementing an unorthodox (by MLB standards) strategic methodology that led one of the worst teams in the American League to become a perennial postseason contender. Bestselling author Michael Lewis chronicled their journey in his 2003 bestselling book Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game; the film adaptation, starring Brad Pitt as Beane, garnered 6 Academy Award nominations in 2012.

Beane's "Moneyball" philosophy has been adopted by organizations of all sizes, across all industries, as a way to more effectively, efficiently, and profitably manage their assets, talent, and resources. He has helped to shape the way modern businesses view and leverage big data and employ analytics for long-term success.

Beane's strategy has since opened the eyes of many top sports executives and CEOs around the country who now utilize the "Moneyball" methodology. In 2008, Beane even collaborated with Newt Gingrich and Sen. John Kerry in co-authoring an article in the New York Times offering possible remedies for the U.S. health care crisis.

Under Beane, the Oakland A's have adopted an organizational philosophy that stresses plate discipline and pitchers who command the strike zone. Over 16 seasons with Beane at the helm, the A's have won six American League West titles (2000; 2002-03; 2006; 2012; 2013). In 2012, they secured the AL West title with the smallest payroll in the American League, and with the third smallest AL payroll in 2013.

Beane was named Sporting News' Executive of the Year twice, first in 1999 and again in 2012. He also earned Major League Baseball's Executive of the Year honors twice by Baseball America magazine, following the 2002 and 2013 seasons. In November of 2001, Beane was named one of Street & Smith's Sport Business Journal's "40 Under 40" and in 2004, he was rated 16th on their list of Baseball's Heavy Hitters.

A first round draft pick of the New York Mets in the 1980 June Free Agent Draft, Beane played six major league seasons as an infielder, outfielder, and catcher for the Mets, Minnesota Twins, Detroit Tigers and Oakland A's. His final season in uniform was 1989 when he was a utility player on the A's World Championship team. Beane retired as an active player in the spring of 1990 when he joined the A's front office as the club's major league advance scout. Former A's President Sandy Alderson promoted Beane to General Manager in 1997.

A native of San Diego, CA, Beane attended Mt. Carmel High School and UC San Diego, where he studied economics. Beane is the proud father of twins, Brayden and Tinsley, and daughter, Casey. He lives with his family in Danville, California.


One of the country's most informed economists, Brian Beaulieu (bo-lee-o) is a principle of ITR Economics where he serves as CEO and Chief Economist. He has been with ITR since 1982 and its CEO since 1987. He is also Chief Economist for Vistage International and TEC, global organizations comprised of over 13,000 CEO's. At ITR, Brian has been engaged in applied research regarding business cycle trend analysis and the utilization of that research at a practical business level. For the past 25 years, he has been giving workshops and seminars across the US and Canada to thousands of business owners and executives. Prior to joining the Institute, Brian was an economist in Washington, DC for the US Department of Labor where he worked on the health care component of the Consumer Price Index. Brian is co-author of two best sellers, "Make Your Move" and "Prosperity in the Age of Decline" and children's book "But I Want It."


Writer of TechnologyStory and former CEO of three successful startup companies, Scott is a thought leader that specializes in helping leaders see the world in new ways.

Scott currently serves as an Advisory Board Member for Critical Technologies, where he served as CEO from 2001 until 2004. Scott's role at Critical Technologies was to build-out a fledgling Web-based imaging product, rebuild the employee base and product line while also adding referenceable customers.

Previous to his position with Critical Technologies, Scott served as Vice President of Production for iBEAM Broadcasting® Corporation. He led a 150-person team that covered the geographical areas of California, Oklahoma, New York and London. Under his leadership iBEAM completed two acquisitions, produced $40 million of business to become one of the industry's leading streaming communications solutions provider.

Scott was the founder and CEO of webcasts.com, a premier Internet broadcaster for interactive webcasts. Webcasts.com established itself as the Web's only full-service broadcast production company, helping clients in the corporate, sports and entertainment industries webcast the most interactive, cost-effective, highest-quality productions. Webcasts.com was acquired by iBEAM for approximately $115 million in stock in April of 2000.

Scott's predecessor company to webcasts.com was an interactive marketing company, which effectively continued to operate as a division of webcasts.com. In 1999, he spearheaded the acquisition by webcasts.com of The Rock Island Group, a network design and management company, which developed and operated webcasts.com's network for webcast delivery.

Scott's vision and leadership positioned webcasts.com to lead with innovations that include the first music CD to launch to the Internet, the first interactive CD-ROM to be used to lobby Congress, and the first CD-ROM/Web-based product designed to generate donations for a non-profit organization. The company's clients included IBM, Compaq, AOL, Hewlett-Packard, Conoco Inc., and BMG Music, among others.

Prior to founding webcasts.com's predecessor company in 1994, Scott was a digital-age international entrepreneur. A protégé of former President Richard M. Nixon's chief of staff, H.R. Haldeman, the pair collaborated on "The Haldeman Diaries," a New York Times bestseller. Scott had the foresight to work with Sony Entertainment and create the diaries into a book/CD-ROM, and it was one of Sony's first profitable CD-ROM products in 1994. Mr. Haldeman passed away before the products were released, so Scott represented Haldeman as the national book tour spokesman.

In 1988, at the age of 26, Scott founded one of the first profitable Soviet/American joint ventures, ParaGraph, Inc., with Russian partners including Garry Kasparov, the world chess champion. ParaGraph designed the original handwritten text-recognition software for the Apple Newton and was later sold to Silicon Graphics. The ParaGraph software standard is now commonly used in personal digital assistants.


Hannah Ubl is a speaker, researcher, writer, consultant and generational expert, and is firmly established in the public speaking scene as a powerful voice for her generation. Hannah uses a blend of examples and statistics to help people gain a deeper understanding of one another. Her research has unearthed valuable tips and actionable solutions for multi-generational workplaces as well as key strategies for marketing and reaching generationally diverse customer bases.

A well-rounded generational expert, Hannah is especially knowledgeable about generations as they relate to healthcare, marketing and sustainability. Hannah is a "generational junkie" with BridgeWorks, a business consulting firm that assists their clients in bridging the gaps in the workplace and marketplace. She has delivered her dynamic presentations to companies such as Cisco Systems, GE Energy, Ralph Lauren, BlueCross BlueShield, and Securian.

Hannah's no stranger to nicknames, and the one that stuck? Research Hound. She's constantly digging up cutting-edge articles on the generation topic and sharing them on social media. Hannah heads up BridgeWorks' social media efforts and is heavily involved in researching generational differences on a global scale in countries such as Brazil, India, China and Russia. She is also the research lead on one of BridgeWorks key research initiatives, looking at the generation after Millennials, Generation Edge.

Hannah graduated from Boston University where she studied advertising and environmental science. Hannah is a unique blend of technical, communication (and generational) knowledge. In her spare time, she can be found coaching for the Lakeville North High School speech team, reading in her favorite haunt or persuading her friends to join her at "After Dark" – the adult night at the Science Museum.