New Online Optical Product Code Manager Now Available

New Online Optical Product Code Manager Now Available

Alexandria, VA (October 13, 2010) – The Vision Council is pleased to announce the release of its new online Optical Product Code Manager, which sells and distributes optical product codes to lens manufacturers and laboratories. By automating this process, manufacturers will be able to request and obtain optical product codes online, as well as process payment directly through the site.

Optical product codes are unique, optical-specific codes and machine-readable symbols that are assigned to lens products. The codes identify both product and manufacturer, and can be used to produce bar codes for use with scanner-equipped data entry devices. Using the codes allows for simpler and more accurate product identification during lens processing.

“We moved to an automated system to be more efficient and keep up with the demand as companies become more technologically advanced and need more optical product codes,” said Greg Chavez, The Vision Council’s vice president of member services. “We anticipate a smooth transition from the manual optical product code order forms to the automated forms.”

The optical product code system has been in place for over 35 years. In 2001, the Optical Product Code Council merged with The Vision Council, which has run the program since then.

For more information about the new online Optical Product Code Manager, please contact Lisa Wright, The Vision Council database manager, at

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