VCA/AARP Partnership Reaches Over 15 Million in its First Month

VCA/AARP Partnership Reaches Over 15 Million in its First Month

Washington, D.C. (November 28, 2006) –The Vision Council of America (VCA) and AARP’s partnership to promote the importance of vision care for Baby Boomers has had a very successful first month. The highlight of this partnership was a public service advertisement (PSA) campaign that, since its launch, has generated more than 13,000 media placements, reaching over 15.5 million Americans.


The PSAs, endorsed by the Ad Council – the preeminent authority on PSAs – were distributed to approximately 10,000 print and broadcast media outlets. In addition, they were distributed though VCA and AARP grassroots networks.


“We are extremely happy with the results we’ve seen so far,” said Ed Greene, VCA chief executive officer. “Already the PSA campaign has a 2:1 return on investment, confirming the fact that PSAs are a very cost-effective way to get our Check Yearly messages to the public.”


Additionally, as part of the campaign’s launch, a video news release (VNR) was created to educate Americans about age-related vision problems. The VNR featured Elaine G. Hathaway, M.D., an ophthalmologist and member of VCA’s Better Vision Institute, VCA’s medical advisory board, and included clips from the television PSA. In total, the VNR reached over 100,000 Americans generating an increased interest about the issue.


“Eye health for those over 40 is an important issue and through the success of the PSA campaign we are able to raise awareness among the Baby Boomer population about the need for regular eye exams,” said Greene.


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