The Vision Council Launches New Software for Data Communication Standard

The Vision Council Launches New Software for Data Communication Standard

Alexandria, VA (July 23, 2008) – The Vision Council is proud to announce the launch of a new software program designed to test laboratory machines for conformance with the widely-accepted Data Communication Standard (DCS). The new software will help equipment manufacturers prepare their machines for easier integration in today’s high-tech lens laboratories.

Members of The Vision Council developed the DCS, currently in version 3.07, to standardize electronic communication among products from multiple manufacturers. Updated on an ongoing basis, the standard is used internationally and has been adopted by the International Standards Organization (ISO). The new simulator software will assist equipment manufacturers in ensuring that their machines will work with any compliant laboratory management software.

“Right now there are over 15 different laboratory management software systems available for lens processing,” said David Beach, chair of The Vision Council’s Lens Processing Technology Division which developed the simulator. “Machine manufacturers can use the simulator to emulate these lab systems and confirm that their machines communicate data in accordance with the DCS, thereby making for smooth integration in the customer’s lab.”

“With continual advances in lens processing technologies, it’s important that we stay ahead of the curve in developing standards and procedures that can help those in the optical field do business more effectively,” continued Beach.

The simulator is available to members of The Vision Council at no charge and to non-members for a fee. For more information and to obtain a copy of the simulator, please contact Jeff Endres, technical manager, at or at (703) 740-2245.

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