The Vision Council Releases Voluntary Lead Guidelines for Optical Manufacturers

The Vision Council Releases Voluntary Lead Guidelines for Optical Manufacturers

Alexandria, VA (October 3, 2008) In response to the recently passed Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008, The Vision Council has released voluntary lead guidelines to its members. The guidelines were developed as an informative document to help optical manufacturers understand and comply with federal regulations on lead.


The law significantly reduces the amount of lead allowable in toys and products manufactured for children age 12 and under. The guide provides optical manufacturers with information to help them assess the appropriate course of action to comply with the law.

“The newly enacted law will go a long way to help children remain safe from lead in toys and other products,” noted Ed Greene, chief executive officer for The Vision Council. “Given the complicated language of the law, we are happy to offer our members a guide to understand the nuances which can help them take action accordingly.”

The topic of lead in consumer products came to a head in the fall of 2007 when many children’s toys were recalled because they contained high levels of lead. For the past year, The Vision Council has monitored the development of legislation and has lobbied to ensure that public safety and the interests of its members were preserved on Capitol Hill and in other federal agencies.

“Our Lead Task Force has been very proactive in following this issue and creating these guidelines for our members, and we are grateful to the Eyewear & Accessories and the Sunglass & Reader Divisions’ volunteer leadership who have overseen the guide’s development,” said Greene. “This guide is only the starting point, and The Vision Council’s legislative, regulatory and technical standards staff remains ready to help continue to navigate through the process.”




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