The Vision Council Upgrades Software Simulator for Data Communication Standard

The Vision Council Upgrades Software Simulator for Data Communication Standard

Alexandria, VA (November 3, 2009) – The Vision Council today announced a new release of the popular DCS Simulator software program. This software is designed to test laboratory machines for conformance with the widely-accepted Data Communication Standard (DCS). The DCS Simulator software helps equipment manufacturers prepare their machines prior to shipment for “plug and play” installation at delivery.

Member companies of The Vision Council developed the DCS, currently in version 3.07, to standardize electronic machine communication between products from different manufacturers. Updated on an ongoing basis by the volunteer DCS Task Force, the standard is also used internationally and has been adopted by the International Standards Organization as ISO16284. The new updated simulator software will assist equipment manufacturers in ensuring that their machines will work with all other compliant devices.

“There are many different laboratory management software systems available for lens processing, and machine communication between them may not be seamless,” said John Fried, chair of the Lens Processing Technology Division of The Vision Council. “As the science of lens processing continues to develop it is important for the DCS and DCS SIM to follow the advancements. These latest refinements make a good software tool even better.”

“With the industry working together to drive standards and tools such as the DCS and DCS Simulator, it helps all of the ophthalmic community to advance lens processing, promotes better quality and higher efficiencies for business,” continued Fried.

The simulator is available to member companies of The Vision Council at no charge and to non-members for a fee. For more information and to obtain a copy of the DCS Simulator, please contact Jeff Endres, technical director, at or at (703) 740-2245.

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