Shipments Programs

Lens and LPT Equipment manufacturers report sales and shipments data in the US wholesale market to a neutral third party research firm, Industry Insights. Data is tabulated on a quarterly basis and the reports issued to participants which record wholesale shipments to retail and wholesale customers of the manufacturers.

Lens Shipments Report is an ideal tool for sizing the U.S. market, gauging company market share, and quickly detecting trends that are occurring in the market.

Lens Processing Technology (LPT) Shipments Report provides aggregate figures on product shipments for pattern edgers, paternless edgers, finish blockers, frame tracers and machines with a combined functionality of purposes.

Most of the major U.S. companies participate in The Vision Council Shipments Program, making these reports quite representative of the market. Additionally, since this program is available to The Vision Council members only, non-members and non-participants do not have access to the data; providing participants with a strategic advantage over others in the industry.

For additional information or to participate contact:

William Bradley, Research Analyst
(703) 740-2251 orĀ

Greg Manns, Vice President of Industry Insights
(614) 802-2310 or