Shipping Management Services

Shipping Management Services

The Vision Council has partnered with management consultants Aligned Growth Partners, LLC, and Transportation Impact to help Lab Division member companies reduce shipping costs with a state-of-the-art, user-friendly transportation management system that saves companies an average of 22%. Labs that spend $2,500 per month or more on FedEx and/or UPS parcel shipping services can reduce those costs through small parcel and freight negotiation as well as parcel post audit.

Through The Vision Council's partnership with AGP and TI, Labs have access to the tools and expertise to combat rising costs. Operating as an extension of your business, TI's industry experts conduct thorough analysis and provide actionable data to recommend effective strategies for reducing the amount you pay for small parcel services. For more information, contact Cliff Gruschow at

Two programs are available:

  1. Small Parcel Negotiation: Minimum $30k/year ($2,500 per month) with UPS and/or FedEx
  2. Small Parcel Auditing: Secures refunds for guaranteed carrier services and provides analytics tools to further reduce costs.

Process Timeline

Only 4-6 hours of customer time is required, and the process is 100% self-funded (no cost until we save you money).

  • Secure data from the potential customer: 10 min
  • TI analyzes data and present results: 3 days
  • Customer signs TI contract: <1 week (simple contract)
  • TI/Customer strategy session: 2 hours
  • Negotiations with carrier: 4-6 weeks (2-4 hours of customer time)
    • TI does 95% of the work
    • TI is carrier neutral
    • Guaranteed savings
  • Carrier Implements new rates: 1-3 days

Measuring Success

Once your newly negotiated rates are in place, Transportation Impact will provide a weekly "Report Card" to show the savings realized and is accurate to the penny. The TI audit service not only provides customers automatic guaranteed service refunds but also business intelligence solutions to manage day-to-day business and find additional savings through mode diversion, address corrections and other parcel optimization opportunities.