2021 Proposed Board of Directors

The Vision Council’s Nominating & Governance Committee and Board of Directors have forwarded their nominations to fill the Officer and Director positions for The Vision Council’s 2021 Board of Directors.  

Click here to view the 2021 slate of candidates

The Nominating & Governance Committee has carefully developed a balanced representation of each division with regard to product category and company size, while also considering the qualifications of the individual candidate. The election will be held during The Vision Council’s Annual Executive Summit, set to take place in a virtual format from January 26–28, 2021.

The election will take place electronically, with votes cast through the chat function of Social27, the host platform for the Executive Summit. All full and associate members are asked to select one representative (traditionally the CEO or his/her delegate) to vote on their company’s behalf. 

Please note that The Vision Council’s Board of Directors includes Officer and Director positions as well as Division Chairs. Because Division Chairs are elected by their respective division members, these positions have already been confirmed and do not receive further votes. 

To view the full proposed list for the 2021 Board of Directors, click here.