Choosing Glasses

Choosing Glasses

One Pair of Shoes Won't Work for Every Activity.

Neither Will One Pair of Glasses.

Depending on your reasoning for wearing eyeglasses and/or sunglasses, there are a variety of lens and frame options with specific purposes to choose from. It's important to select your eyewear after having an annual eye exam and considering the following factors: your comfort level, lifestyle and vision correction needs. You can then decide, with your eye care provider, what lenses and frames are right for you. For more information about the benefits of having an annual eye exam, visit

Whether you need a corrective prescription, protection from digital screens, defense against the sun's UV rays, help reading the fine print or anything in between, there's a lens available for you. Plus, there are endless fashionable eyewear styles available that can accommodate all sorts of lenses – even if you don't need a prescription! So there's no reason to stop at just one pair. Starting a collection of eyeglasses and sunglasses is key to complementing your ever-changing look and meeting your unique eyewear needs. For style inspiration, check out for the latest fashion eyewear trends, face-fitting tips and so much more.

Peruse the associated pages to learn more about the different aspects to keep in mind when picking your next pair of frames, and be sure to schedule your annual eye exam with an eye care provider to maintain good eye health. Want to get social? "Like" The Vision Council's Facebook page to receive continual status updates about eyewear and eye health.