Events & Programs

Vision Expo

Co-owned by The Vision Council and Reed Exhibitions, Vision Expos East and West are worldwide conferences for eyecare and eyewear that draw more than 30,000 eyecare professionals each year. Vision Expo offers 300+ hours of education and more than five football fields of exhibit space showcasing fashion eyewear, accessories and medical equipment. More optical professionals make their buying decisions at Vision Expo than any other industry event in North America. Proceeds from Vision Expo are used by The Vision Council to educate consumers about the importance of vision care and the options in eyewear and other related products, reaching millions of consumers with its messages through marketing materials, public relations outreach and strategic partnerships. Visit to learn more.


Industry research and data analysis are critical to running a successful business. From consumer opinions to international trade figures, The Vision Council's research programs offer a unique view on the optical industry. Managed and produced by The Vision Council since its inception in 2000, VisionWatch is the only large-scale, continuous consumer measurement designed exclusively for the eyewear and eyecare industry. VisionWatch uses a statistically balanced sample representative of the adult U.S. population and produces more than 10,000 new interviews each month regarding eyecare and eyewear experiences, purchases and habits. Visit the research section of our website to learn more.

Think About Your Eyes

The Vision Council is a key financial and promotional supporter of the Think About Your Eyes campaign. With the understanding that the right messages and media can motivate the public to begin focusing on their vision, Think About Your Eyes is a national nonprofit organization under The Vision Council, in partnership with the American Optometric Association, designed to educate the public about the importance of getting an annual comprehensive eye exam. With the support of the eyecare industry and providers, Think About Your Eyes generates more than 1.25 billion consumer impressions each year is using television, radio, online radio and digital advertising, social media and media relations. Visit to learn more.