Consulting and Available Services

Global Advisory, Consulting and Executive Search Services

Through a partnership with management consultants Aligned Growth Partners, LLC (AGP), The Vision Council offers globally acclaimed board, owner and management advisory, consulting and executive search services. Members receive a minimum 20 percent discount on services including:

  • Large and small company mergers and acquisitions
  • Award-winning strategic planning
  • Acclaimed, wide-ranging organizational excellence/human capital management
  • Seamless and highly successful operational effectiveness
  • Growth-focused core business optimization
  • International and domestic executive search
  • Company speaking engagements

For further information, contact Hedley Lawson, global managing partner at AGI, at (707)217-0979 or [email protected].

Shipping Management Services

Through a partnership with management consultants Aligned Growth Partners, LLC (AGP) and Transportation Impact (TI), The Vision Council helps member companies reduce shipping costs with a state-of-the-art, user-friendly transportation management system that saves companies an average of 22 percent. Companies that spend $2,500 per month or more on FedEx and/or UPS small parcel shipping services can reduce those costs through small parcel and freight negotiation as well as parcel post audit.

Through The Vision Council's partnership with AGP and TI, members have access to the tools and expertise needed to combat rising costs. Operating as an extension of your business, TI's industry experts will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your transportation cost free of charge, confirming what they can help you save in around 10 minutes. This analysis is the first step in developing effective strategies for reducing the amount you pay for small parcel and/or less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping services. TI is best in class with the highest ROI in the industry and is self-funding, so you do not pay anything until they save you money. For more information, contact Cliff Gruschow, senior partner at Aligned Growth at [email protected] or Lori Wishard, at [email protected].

Three programs are available to members. For more information, click the links below.

  1. Small Parcel Negotiation: Cost reduction measured to 1/10th of 1 percent in just a few short weeks.
  2. Small Parcel Auditing: Automated monitoring and recovery of 1-5 percent in hard-dollar savings and 7 percent more in soft-dollar savings, where TI does all the work.
  3. LTL: Better rates and better visibility by using TI's LTL Negotiation/Carrier Management, Command Center TMS, as well as Freight Bill Audit and Pay.

Unique Device Identifier (UDI) Consulting

Through a partnership with Reed Technology and Information Services Inc. (Reed Tech), The Vision Council provides members with a connection to a full-service solution to manage regulatory and commercial product information, including Unique Device Identifier (UDI) submissions to EUDAMED. Regulatory product data submissions for the UDI requirements due in 2022 require planning and expertise. The FDA Class I UDI requirements for labeling, direct marking and AccessGUDID submission are due in September 2022. Additionally, for those manufacturers intending to market prescription eyewear products in the European Union, the European Union Databank on Medical Devices (EUDAMED) submission will be due in May 2022. Additional global regulators are emerging and will require regulatory expertise for UDI submissions.

For more information from Reed Tech, click here.

Managed Vision Care Consulting

Visibility Management is a coalition of veteran executives with a track record of excellence and leadership in various areas of expertise. Members can utilize this resource for any Managed Vision Care related issues by calling (727)538-7750 or emailing [email protected] and a Visibility Management Partner will assist in the inquiry.

Marketing and Communications Consulting

Services Members of The Vision Council’s Optical Laboratories Division have exclusive access to marketing and communications consulting services tailored specifically to optical labs by Dan Bailey, owner of, at a discounted rate. These consulting services can help your organization with marketing and communications projects including:

  • Marketing strategy development
  • Marketing materials creation
  • Website creation or updates
  • Social media planning and implementation
  • Newsletter development
  • Planned marketing program development
  • Logo creation or update
  • Mission statement assistance
  • Market differentiation consulting
  • Trade show effectiveness

To view a webinar outlining the best ways to take advantage of Dan Bailey’s consulting services, click here. For further information, visit