Printable Resources

To assist members, The Vision Council has created a series of free, printable resources. These resources include a basic dispensing handbook for eyecare providers as well as materials designed to inform consumers about the range of eyewear options available to them. 

Clear Choices - YOUR Eyes, YOUR Lenses, YOUR Choices

Clear Choices is a consumer-focused brochure that features information about the importance of owning multiple pairs of glasses for different activities, digital eye strain symptoms and solutions, finding the right frame based on face shape and the various lens options available.  

You can download Clear Choices here.

Indispensable Dispensing Guide Book

The Indispensable Dispensing Guide Book is a basic dispensing handbook for eyecare providers. The Guide Book offers a complete overview of eye anatomy, relevant terminology, lens materials, designs and treatments, prescriptions, frame selections, fittings and final adjustments. 

You can download the Indispensable Dispensing Guide Book here.

Multiple Pairs Poster

The Multiple Pairs posters are designed to inform consumers of the importance of owning multiple pairs of eyewear and suggests they discuss the options available to them with their eyecare provider.  

You can download the Multiple Pairs posters here.