Think About Your Eyes and Eye Exam Awareness

Think About Your EyesConsumer awareness and education is key pillar of The Vision Council’s Strategic Plan.  For nearly a decade, The Vision Council has provided financial and operational support to the Think About Your Eyes program under its Partnership for Vision Health LLC.  Together with our industry partners and the American Optometric Association, we have encouraged Americans to prioritize eye and vision health by scheduling annual comprehensive eye exams.  In 2019, our marketing efforts reached millions and delivered record-breaking results

The COVID-19 pandemic interrupted our 2020 campaign.  While our large-scale marketing efforts were paused, we increased our educational content to inform people about the importance of eye health and assure them that an eye exam is a safe and essential part of health care.  To maximize our reach, we enlisted the resources of our Think About Our Eyes program sponsors to share and promote this educational content through their own channels.  While this time has been challenging, our ability to work together has allowed us to continue to promote this important message.

The COVID-19 crisis has opened the door for Think About Your Eyes to apply creative and innovative thinking to how this effort should evolve to best reach people and promote our important message for 2021 and beyond.  While we take a step back to engage more leaders in the reimagining exercise, we will continue to create and promote educational content through our website and social channels. 

We cannot do this alone – we need the investment of the industry to continue our efforts and to build on the great results we have already achieved.  To learn more about getting involved, please contact Jane Balek, Executive Director of Think About Your Eyes at