Contact Lenses Standard Report

Contact Lenses Standard Report

Knowing the contact lens market is immensely important to understanding why consumers either do or don't buy glasses. The Contact Lens Standard Report provides an in-depth analysis of the contact lens market's buyers.

The Contact Lens Standard Report provides:

  • Type of lenses used by contact lens wearers (color lenses, rigid/soft lenses, toric lenses, bifocal lenses, daily disposables, etc.)
  • Outlet market share (10 named outlets/chains)
  • A look at the frequency of replacing contact lenses segmented by specific demographics and brands
  • Consumer data on length of use and likeliness of future use

Questions you can answer with this series of reports:

  • How often do contact lens users purchase new contact lenses?
  • What percentage of the market only wears a contact lens in one eye?
  • What percentage of consumers wears contacts for cosmetic reasons only?

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