E&A and SRD Benchmark Dashboard Study

E&A and SRD Benchmark Dashboard Study

The 2018 Benchmark Dashboard Survey


Since 2001, The Vision Council has been conducting its Benchmark Dashboard Study, the industry's only report that measures the financial performance of frame, sunglass and accessory companies, allowing you to compare your company's performance with that of similar companies. This industry-wide report includes tips on how to use the study, an executive summary, and operating benchmarks of your industry peers. Participants will also receive a customized company report, allowing you to assess and compare your own company with other companies of similar size and scope. A few years ago, we made significant efforts to redesign the Benchmarking program. For 2017, the new "Benchmark Dashboard" program contains the same vital information that the old Benchmarking Program possessed. However, after consulting with several industry leaders, we reduced the survey form so that The Vision Council member companies can easily complete the Benchmark Dashboard survey in a couple of hours.

Why Participate?

As a member of The Vision Council this is a FREE program that provides valuable and needed business operating information specific to the eyewear and accessories industry. The program provides participants with information on profits, cost drivers, executive compensation, balance sheet data, sales force issues and compensation and employee productivity. The program also examines "optical specific" measures such as returns and exchanges, inventory levels, and loyalty/licensing fees. Information from the reports can be used to answer questions like:

  • Is my overhead too high?
  • Which departments and costs are draining my profits?
  • Should I tighten up my receivables?
  • Are my financial statements on par with the rest of the industry?
  • Are my inventory levels too high?
  • Am I paying too much for the brands we carry?
  • Should I allocate more resources to a particular department?
  • Are we investing enough in capital and new products?

In addition to providing detailed data for all responding firms, information is provided by size of firm (three different size categories), for high profit firms, for firms that sell directly to retail establishments and for firms that sell brand frames versus firms that primarily sell non-brand frames.

It is extremely important to note that The Vision Council Benchmark Dashboard Study is CONFIDENTIAL. Only the participants will receive a report of the final results. To ensure strictest confidentiality, The Vision Council has employed the services of Industry Insights, Inc. to facilitate this survey. Please be assured no one at The Vision Council or within the industry will ever have access to any given participant's confidential information. Only select Industry Insights individuals will have access to your survey form, which will be used only in combination with all other participant data to generate the industry-wide aggregate results. Once the reports are generated, your documentation will be destroyed.

Many participants have stated that The Vision Council Benchmark Dashboard Study is the most valuable part of their membership. As a result, participation continues to grow in the program.

Download a sample of the NEW Benchmark Dashboard Questionnaire

Download a sample of the Benchmark Dashboard Study

How to Participate

The new and improved 2018 Benchmark Dashboard Survey is OPEN. To inquire about participating in this year's study, or to get more information about the program, please contact Nathan Troxell, Director of Consumer and Market Insights, at ntroxell@thevisioncouncil.org.