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Members of The Vision Council enjoy optical industry statistics and reports from the most comprehensive consumer and trade research program in the US - for free. Our most popular "members only" reports are listed below.

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The Vision Council VisionWatch Market Analysis Reports

As the market measurement for the optical products and services markets, The Vision Council VisionWatch Market Analysis Reports provide members with quarterly insight into the optical market through current and historical trends, retailer shares, and information on customer traits and demographic breakdowns. In addition to the detailed information available through the VisionWatch US report, The Vision Council also provides members with international insight through the VisionWatch Canada report. Learn more about the reports and download recent issues.

Consumer Barometer

A quarterly report focusing on consumer behaviors towards wearing and buying eyewear, as well as receiving eye exams, the Consumer Barometer provides an overview of the U.S. optical industry. As part of the larger VisionWatch consumer research project, the Consumer Barometer provides members with topline optical data regarding most of the major components of the eyewear and eye care industry. Learn more about the report and download recent issues.

Shipments Programs

The Vision Council’s Shipments Program, a quarterly "participants only" research program, reports sales and wholesale shipment data for the US wholesale market, segmented by division and product type. Data is submitted to and tabulated by a neutral third party research firm.  Learn more about the report and how to participate.

International Optical Trade Analysis (IOTA)

The International Optical Trade Analysis (IOTA) is a quarterly research series of import and export data, offering overseas competitive information on ophthalmic products, including frames, plano sunglasses, lenses and contact lenses, based on the U.S. Bureau of Commerce data. Learn more about the report and download recent issues.


This annual "participants only" anonymous report, the industry's only report measuring the financial performance of frame, sunglass and accessory companies, compares your business practices against others in the optical industry. Members of the Eyewear & Accessories Division and Sunglass & Reader Division can learn more about the report and how to participate here.