HR Taskforce

HR Taskforce

The Vision Council continuously evaluates and evolves member services to ensure that they meet the needs of all members. Among the recent changes The Vision Council has seen, a greater focus has been placed on employment issues. Countless news stories have given rise to the need for all companies to understand fully the legal and ethical obligations to ensure safe, inclusive and compliant work environments, framed by a committed organizational leadership.

The Vision Council believes that through our member companies there is an opportunity to collectively advance these conversations. To take advantage of this moment, we are launching a Human Resources Taskforce lead by Hedley Lawson of Aligned Growth Partners. The taskforce is currently comprised of member companies from The Lab Division but encourages and welcomes all other divisions to join and contribute.

Topics include:

  • Employee recruitment and retention
  • Managing future employee medical plan costs
  • Why you have job descriptions in your business
  • Conducting a thorough employee benefits broker-advisor analysis
  • Employee handbook updates - what is essential to include, how to develop an outline and suggested templates
  • Career development paths and professional development
  • Contemporary performance management tools and employee coaching
  • Compliance topics in an ever-changing legal environment
  • Full-time employee vs. independent contractor standards by state and under federal law
  • Workplace diversity
  • Workplace harassment
  • Respect for co-workers
  • Transparency in the workplace

For more information or to join the taskforce, contact Steve Sutherlin.