‘Daytime’ Highlights Digital Eye Strain Tips & Trends for the New Year

‘Daytime’ Highlights Digital Eye Strain Tips & Trends for the New Year


The Vision Council secured a digital eye strain-focused segment on “Daytime” – a nationally syndicated lifestyle and entertainment show – that aired Jan. 9th on 224 stations with a combined estimated reach of more than 97.1 million viewers.

With Jan. 9th being the first day of the Consumer Electronics Show, lifestyle expert Stefaney Rants let viewers know that although the newly released digital devices may improve their lifestyles, they may not necessarily be healthy for their vision, with more than 60 percent of individuals reporting experiencing symptoms of what The Vision Council refers to as digital eye strain.

Furthermore, Stefaney explained digital eye strain and its potential symptoms, ultimately recommending individuals have an annual eye exam with an eyecare provider to not only have their eyes checked, but to also discuss their potential digital device usage and symptoms, and the eyewear and lens solutions available.

Stefaney highlighted traditional lenses to combat digital eye strain – as illustrated by Lens Division members VisionEase, Essilor, Hoya and Zeiss – with anti-reflective treatments and blue light-filtering capabilities, which can be incorporated into almost any pair of frames, so individuals don’t have to sacrifice style for function. She showcased frames from Eyewear & Accessories Division members ClearVision Optical, De Rigo REM, WestGroupe and Marchon Eyewear, as well as Sunglass & Reader Division members TOMS Eyewear, FGX International, GUNNAR and Costa. For those who prefer contact lenses, Stefaney mentioned the Biofinity Energys from Lens Division member CooperVision as an option. Viewers were directed to thevisioncouncil.org/des for more information.

To view a video clip of the segment, please click here.

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