The Electronic Progressive Identifier Catalog (EPIC) Launches

The Electronic Progressive Identifier Catalog (EPIC) Launches


The Vision Council is pleased to announce the launch of the Electronic Progressive Identifier Catalog (EPIC), a new online resource replacing the hard copy and PDF document previously produced biannually.

We welcome you to visit and peruse the available lenses and associated data. As a lens manufacturer, here are some important points you should know:

  • Lens data is managed directly by you and your company.
  • Existing data in the system was carried over from the last version of the printed catalog, but there are likely many updates required.
  • All lens managers will need new accounts created in the system to update existing lenses, as well as add records. Contact Paul Wade directly at to have your account created or schedule a time to review the tool.
  • Use of this tool has already begun and is expected to increase rapidly throughout the industry, so the accuracy of your records is crucial.

We are excited to provide this new resource to the industry and look forward to expanding it in the future to contain even more valuable information.

We will begin promoting this new resources to the eyecare professional community late next month. Therefore it is important that you update/add any appropriate data related to your Progressive Lens products.

Please direct any questions or comments to Paul Wade at


Michael Vitale, ABOM
Senior Technical Director & Lens Division Liaison
The Vision Council

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