National Sunglasses Day 2019 Update


Update: National Sunglasses Day 2019 Garnered More than 1.2 Billion Impressions

The final results from National Sunglasses Day 2019 are in! Due to its efforts, The Vision Council garnered more than 1.2 billion online, social media and broadcast consumer media impressions for National Sunglasses Day, with one of the official campaign hashtags #NationalSunglassesDay trending on Twitter on June 27.

Here's an overview of the consumer media coverage:

  • Online placements garnering more than 223 million impressions
    • Top online placements include:,,, and
  • Social media placements garnering more than 800 million impressions
    • Top social media placements include: The Instagram and Twitter pages of Bethenny Frankel, Kathie Lee Gifford, Ellen DeGeneres, Salma Hayek, InStyle and CBS
  • General broadcast placements garnering more than 7.8 million impressions
    • Top general broadcast placements include: ESPN, QVC, and The Weather Channel
  • Media tour placements garnering more than 186 million impressions
    • Top media tour broadcast placements include: "Access Hollywood Live," "The Daily Buzz," Yahoo! Entertainment and

The Vision Council would like to thank the greater eyewear and eyecare industry, as well as its member organizations, for their support of National Sunglasses Day 2019. Without your outstanding efforts to promote the commemorative date in the retail, consumer and trade media, and general consumer spaces, the campaign wouldn't have been nearly as successful.

Please direct questions regarding National Sunglasses Day and The Vision Council's efforts to Maureen Beddis, The Vision Council's vice president of marketing and communications, at

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