New Lab Division Customer Service Training Module

New Lab Division Customer Service Training Module


The latest session of The Vision Council’s Lab Division Customer Service Training is now available! This quarter’s topic is “The First Call Response.”

Mike Karlsrud of The Karlsrud Company hosts this 20 minute session that you’ll want every member of your customer service team to listen to.

We recognize that you cannot shut down your whole customer service department for training, so we suggest that you assign times for each person to listen. Previous sessions are also available on the website.

Customer service is the front line of any lab. These sessions focus on helping your team solve problems, take the good, the bad and the ugly from customers, and learn to delight, excite and deepen loyalties. In this exclusive program for members of The Vision Council’s Lab Division, we introduce the skills and tips for customer service professionals at any level of experience.

If you would prefer the message to be sent directly to members of your customer service team, please send their names and email addresses to Steve Sutherlin at

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