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Dear Members,

Two years ago, we sent a memo that informed The Vision Council member companies about product testing companies. Since then there have been changes in the ownership or management of some of those companies, so we thought now would be a good time to provide an update.

They are listed alphabetically below with their company descriptions (written in their own words) and contact information.

We hope you find this information useful. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Michael C. Vitale, ABOM
Senior Technical Director & Lens Division Liaison
Phone – 703-548-2684


Certottica is the Italian Certification Institute for Personal Protective Equipment for eyes and face, registered in Bruxelles, with the identification number 0530, and authorized by the Italian Ministry of Development, and by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, to issue EC Type-Examination Certificates for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

In addition, Certottica laboratories are accredited since 2009 by Accredia, the National Institute for the accreditation of certification laboratories.

Certottica core business is the tests and the issue of the test reports, according to the main International standards, on all the eyewear PPE, of Class I and Class II categories, and Class 1 medical devices such as: sunglasses, ski goggles, motorcycle goggles, swimming goggles, safety eyewear, spectacle frames, reading glasses and ophthalmic lenses.

Certottica, as an active member in the UNI, CEN and ISO committees, plays an active role in the definition and development of standards at international level.

Eleven years ago, Dolomiticert was born as a natural evolution of Certottica, with a particular focus on sports and industrial safety equipment.

Dolomiticert can carry out tests according to European, US and international standards on all PPE for the protection of the full body, from head to feet, except for the eyes and face (i.e. safety and sports footwear, protective motorcycling clothing, equipment for protection from falls from a height and all the mountaineering and climbing protective equipment – harnesses, ropes, connectors. sports and industrial helmets, etc.). Moreover, it can issue EU type-examination certificates in compliance with Regulation 2016/425.

For further information regarding the list of standards we test to, please contact Tiziana Gabas at tiziana.gabas@cetottica.it or +39 0437 57 31 57.


John Young, The Vision Council's Hall of Fame inductee and ophthalmic lens industry leader with more than 40 years of experience started COLTS Laboratories in 1997 as an independent 3rd party test lab, specifically to support the ophthalmic lens industry. His vision was to create a high level of expertise by staffing COLTS with ABO certified Opticians and optical industry veterans.

We are an ISO 17025 accredited testing laboratory providing ophthalmic lens testing to ANSI, ISO-EN, AS/NZS standards. COLTS also provides industry standard testing to evaluate abrasion, adhesion, durability, impact resistance, optics, lens mapping, cleanability, environmental exposure, spectral/photochromic attributes, cosmetic evaluation and wearers studies. COLTS representatives participate in ANSI Z87.1, ANSI Z80.1, Z80.3 and Z80.5 (ISO 12870) committees and serve as Vice Chairman of TVC's Lens Technical Committee.

Responding to the needs of our clients in 2000, COLTS expanded into PPE and Military Eyewear testing. COLTS is an approved test lab for SEI (Safety Equipment Institute), BSI (British Standards Institute) and the Department of Defense. COLTS provides PPE testing to various ANSI, CSA, EN standards, along with APEL and MIL-SPEC requirements. In 2014 COLTS added Industrial Head Protection to our scope of testing.

COLTS supplies current market data with many industry standard tests for "like" product comparison.

COLTS offers a series of affordable programs that assist our customers with: FDA compliance, competitor analyses, suppler management, new product validation and product performance confirmation programs.

COLTS is a manufacturer/distributor of specialized testing equipment and consumables for the ophthalmic lens industry.

For additional information about COLTS please view our web site www.coltslabs.com. For a complete list of standards, tests and services provided contact Greg Williams at gwilliams@coltslabs.com.

ICS Laboratories, Inc.

ICS Laboratories, Inc. was established in 1995 to provide testing and conformity assessment services for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and related devices. We are the leading independent laboratory in North America for PPE and one of the foremost in the world. As a specialist facility, our reputation for expertise, competence and client service is unrivaled.
The range of PPE products we address mandates the facilitation of a broad array of optical, mechanical and chemistry material characterizations. Our expertise includes thin film surface characterizations, environmental (solar, temperature, humidity) simulation, evaluation of stress, strain compression, restitution, and mechanical impact, advanced spectroscopy (UV, VIS and IR) and geometric optics

Specific to the interests and needs of Vision Council members, ICS provides ISO 17025 accredited testing and certifications for products such as Sports/Recreational Protective Eyewear (ASTM, ISO, EN & AS/NZS), Occupational Protective Eyewear (ANSI, ISO, EN & AS/NZS), Sunglasses (ANSI, ISO, EN & AS/NZS) and OTC Readers (ANSI, ISO & EN). Our accredited test results are recognized internationally, and we maintain partnerships with European Notified Bodies and Australian Certification Bodies.

Contact Ms. Shelley Brady - sbrady@icslabs.com or Mr. Keith Whitten - kwhitten@icslabs.com or call 330-220-0515. Website www.icslabs.com

NSL Analytical

Since 1945, NSL Analytical Services, an independent ISO/IEC 17025 laboratory, has helped customers verify the highest standards of material quality, performance and safety in their products.

NSL Analytical has earned its reputation as a leader in the testing of production and process materials by providing data that meets or exceeds the most exacting standards of companies, government agencies, and researchers worldwide. We dedicate ourselves to partnering with customers to solve their challenges by providing valuable data and insight into their process and product.

NSL Analytical offers Ophthalmic Performance Testing Services with reliable results to ensure you are providing the best quality, performance and safety for consumers. Offerings include: Abrasion Resistance & Adhesion, Impact Resistance, Surface Analysis & Curvatures, Luminous Transmittance, Photochromic & Sunglass Testing, Material & Surface Quality, Hydrophobic Properties, Simulation of Environmental Exposure, Regulatory Compliance(Prop 65 and CPSIA), Chemical Content and Failure Analysis.

For more information, contact Steve Ross at sross@NSLanalitical.com or Melissa Gorris at mgorris@NSLanalytical.com or (800) 497-6752. www.NSLanalytical.com


As a member of the Vision Council, QIMA (formerly AI-etic) offers a two-tier approach for supporting the compliance of your eyewear products:

Laboratory Testing – our HOKLAS accredited laboratory in Hong Kong provides a variety of mechanical, optical and chemical tests on frames, lenses and accessory products.

We provide a wide range of testing on prescription and reading glasses, spectacles, fashion sunglasses, face fields and goggles for safety as well as sport activities such as skiing, swimming and snowmobiling.

Testing covers physical, optical and chemical tests to ensure compliance with US and European requirements such as REACH and CA Prop 65. We provide testing to many global standards such as ISO and AS/NZ and are recognized by the European Notified Bodies for our accredited testing services on eye and face protectors.

On-Site Product Inspections – We provide product inspections on eyewear products against predetermined specifications, to avoid receipt of defective or poor-quality merchandise. Our on-line booking system makes it easy to keep track of your vendors' performance and provides a live data feed into your dashboard. With easy-to-budget all-inclusive pricing, flexible booking terms, report delivery in 24 hours and presence in 85 countries around the world, we are "Your Eyes in the Supply Chain"!

Our US expert team in Buffalo work collaboratively with our Hong Kong laboratory and can work with you to customize a program that meets your needs and budget.

For more information, please contact visioncouncil@qima.com or visit www.qima.com

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