'TODAY' Show Talks All Things Digital Eye Strain

'TODAY' Show Talks All Things Digital Eye Strain


The Vision Council secured a digital eye strain-focused segment on NBC's "TODAY," a nationally syndicated morning show with an estimated viewership of 4,228,604, which aired this morning, Aug. 31. NBC medical news contributor, Dr. Natalie Azar educated viewers on the symptoms of and solutions to combat digital eye strain, highlighting key stats from The Vision Council's VisionWatch survey unveiling insight on Americans' screen habits and the effects, as well as other sourced information.

In the segment – which is also available on today.com, garnering 23,917,371 unique visitors per month – Dr. Azar presented the following four tips to help children and adults alleviate the effects of digital eye strain:

1. Despite their age, individuals should visit a local eyecare provider for an annual eye exam to discuss the state of their eye health, their symptoms and their digital device usage;
2. By adjusting their digital habits – for example, keeping screens at arm's length away from the eyes and increasing the font size on screens – individuals can ensure they're using their devices more effectively;
3. Taking frequent breaks from using digital devices allows the eyes to rest throughout the day, and consciously remembering to blink more helps keep the eyes moist;
4. Talking to an eyecare provider is key to getting in the know about the eyewear and lens options available to help relieve digital eye strain symptoms.

To view a video clip of the segment, please click here.

For more information about digital eye strain, visit thevisioncouncil.org/des.

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