Lens Processing and Technology Division

Lens Processing and Technology Division

The Lens Processing & Technology (LPT) Division of The Vision Council, composed of domestic and international companies providing practical technical solutions for every lens and frame manufacturing need, is responsible for the monitoring of existing industry standards, establishing new standards based on industry change, and creating industry-accepted compliance procedures. As the ophthalmic industry's technology partner, members of the LPT Division make up the largest optical equipment association in the world.

A dedicated LPT Division Liaison, Michael Vitale, answers questions, responds to concerns, and provides direction to receive professional answers to industry issues.

For division resources, including meeting agendas and the latest Equipment Report, visit the secure content page for LPT Division Members.

COVID-19 Reopening Guidance

At the request of members as well as the industry at large, The Vision Council has created a compilation of information regarding best sanitization methods for products and packages to help as members prepare to reopen to serve their customers and patients. The summary includes information regarding:

  • Cleaning solutions
  • Steps for cleaning products
  • Operating assumptions for handling shipments

Click here to read Sanitization Operating Assumptions.

LPT Technical Committees

The LPT Division forms standing committees and ad hoc task forces of volunteer experts to address technical issues in response to member needs. The groups routinely meet, often in conjunction with the Vision Expo trade shows, to solve shared technical problems that affect our industry. Learn more about the technical committees operating under the Lens Processing & Technology Division.

EPIC - The Electronic Progressive Identifier Catalog

The Vision Council launched the Electronic Progressive Identifier Catalog (EPIC) – available for the first time in an online format in 2018. The website is the industry-standard guide to the identifying marks engraved on progressive addition lenses. Previously, the catalog was available for order in hard copy and pdf only.

This latest edition contains graphics for more than 350 lens designs distributed in the United States and Canada, showing the markings that identify the lens supplier, lens name, lens material, filters and corridor lengths. Diagrams include the relative position of the fitting cross, as well as the lens suppliers' recommended minimum fitting height. The catalog also contains several indexes, listing the lenses according to: identifying symbols, lens supplier name, minimum recommended height, lens name, extended range of add power, and custom progressive designs.

EPIC can be found at http://epic.thevisioncouncil.org. Please direct questions to Michael Vitale.

Shipping Management Services

The Vision Council has partnered with management consultants Aligned Growth Partners, LLC, and Transportation Impact to help LPT Division member companies reduce shipping costs with a state-of-the-art, user-friendly transportation management system that saves companies an average of 22%. LPT members that spend $2,500 per month or more on FedEx and/or UPS small parcel shipping services can reduce those costs through small parcel and freight negotiation as well as parcel post audit. Learn more about shipping management services.

LPT Division Marketing Campaign

After extensive discussions with representatives from LPT Division member companies, The Vision Council developed and launched a new industry-focused campaign designed to drive eyecare providers, manufacturers, optical labs and the industry at large to contact LPT Division member companies and visit exhibiting members at Vision Expos East and West, positioning members as the go-to experts for updating outdated lens processing technologies. The campaign encourages these audiences to invest in the latest lens processing software and equipment to make an exponential difference in their bottom line, identifying cost and time savings while preparing their business for the future of the eyewear industry. Later in the year, the campaign will also direct these audiences to take advantage of year-end tax incentives on lens processing equipment. Click here to learn more.

Division Meetings

Discuss the latest news related to the LPT Division and receive tailored updates from industry leaders at the Division Meeting typically held in conjunction with Vision Expo West and the Executive Summit. Click here for agendas, meeting minutes, and other resources from division meetings.