Lens Standard Report

Lens Standard Report

Enhance your understanding of the lens market by digging deeper with the Lens Standard Report. The Lens Standard Report, when combined with The Vision Council's free Market Analysis report, gives you all the consumer market data you need to drive better decision-making and strategic planning for your business.

The Lens Standard Report provides an overview of the lens market in terms of units, dollar volumes and average selling price, and it includes:

  • Current and historical trends for the market
  • Retailer market share (9 named outlets/chains)
  • A special focus on desirable lens traits and demographic breakdowns including 7 sub-reports:
    • Single Vision
    • Multi-Focal
    • Progressives
    • Anti-Reflective Coating
    • Photochromics
    • Prescription Sun
    • Managed Vision Care

Questions you can answer with this series of reports:

  • Which age, gender and income level are photochromics most popular with?
  • What are the top reasons that consumers purchase Anti-Reflective Coating?
  • Are men more likely to choose a pair of lenses that looks better or costs less?

*Lens Reports also exist for Progressives, Rx Sun, Anti-Reflective, Bi- and Tri-Focals, Photochromics, Single Vision and Managed Vision Care.

Please contact Nathan Troxell if you're interested in purchasing market research at ntroxell@thevisioncouncil.org