'One Pair Won't Work' Campaign

'One Pair Won't Work' Campaign

Drive Multiple Pair Sales with 'One Pair Won't Work'

The Vision Council has created poster displays, dispensing table displays and job stuffers to encourage patients to talk to their eyecare provider about the need for multiple pairs, and ultimately purchase multiple pairs of frames with different lenses to meet their unique eyewear needs and complement their lifestyles. The materials lead patients to therightglasses.com, where they can learn about the various lens technologies available and how to pick the right glasses for their needs.

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Posters can be ordered here for use in your office or distribution to your ECP partners. Each poster is shipped with a script for ECPs to utilize when talking to patients about the need for multiple pairs. Dispensing table displays can be printed or distributed electronically, and the job stuffers are available for printing and inclusion with orders.

The Vision Council also encourages you to utilize the digital images of the posters on your organization's social media platforms and in industry presentations.

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