Optical Retail Division

Optical Retail Division

The Optical Retail Division of The Vision Council, composed of optical retailers worldwide, focuses on the unique business needs of retailers and the maintenance of a healthy retail marketplace.

For questions about the Optical Retail Division, or information on becoming a member, contact David Pierson at dpierson@thevisioncouncil.org

COVID-19 Reopening Guidance

At the request of members as well as the industry at large, The Vision Council has created a compilation of information regarding best sanitization methods for products and packages to help as members prepare to reopen to serve their customers and patients. The summary includes information regarding:

  • Cleaning solutions
  • Steps for cleaning products
  • Operating assumptions for handling shipments

Click here to read Sanitization Operating Assumptions.

Industry-Leading Trade Shows & Events

The Vision Council works to bring the industry together, providing opportunities to network with industry leaders, learn the latest trends and technologies, and grow businesses. We facilitate a variety of events throughout the year including the industrywide Vision Expo tradeshows, and members-only opportunities including Division and Committee meetings, professional forums and a yearly Executive Summit. Learn more about The Vision Council's meetings and events here.

Optical Market Research Data, Trends, & Consumer Insight

Industry research and data analysis are critical to running a successful business, and The Vision Council's VisionWatch market research team is the most comprehensive industry research resource available. From consumer opinions to international trade figures, The Vision Council's research programs offer a unique view on the optical industry.

Members have access to the industry-first VisionWatch Market Research Dashboard, a one-of-a-kind optical industry resource allowing members to go beyond surface-level data to explore key performance indicators and consumer segments with on-demand data, tracking and exploring drivers of ophthalmic market performance. We also offer many detailed research reports for free to our members, and provide additional, drilled-down information to members and non-members alike for a fraction of the cost of other research providers. Learn more about our robust industry research here.

Consumer Education and Outreach

Communicating the importance of vision care and vision care products to the public is a priority for The Vision Council. Through media relations, marketing and advertising campaigns, online outreach, special events and partnerships, The Vision Council makes sure that all consumers hear about the importance of taking care of their vision and are educated about the variety of eyewear options available to them.

Learn more about additional benefits available to members of The Vision Council, including: