Sunglass and Reader Division

Sunglass and Reader Division

The Sunglass and Reader Division (SRD), composed mostly of companies manufacturing and/or importing and distributing sunglasses and magnifying reading glasses and related optical accessories, specializes primarily in the non-prescription, over-the-counter segments of the optical industry.

A dedicated SRD Liaison, Tibor Gross, can answer questions, respond to concerns, and provide direction to receive professional answers to industry issues.

For division resources, including meeting agendas, reports, and other information, visit the secure content page for SRD Members.

COVID-19 Reopening Guidance

At the request of members as well as the industry at large, The Vision Council has created a compilation of information regarding best sanitization methods for products and packages to help as members prepare to reopen to serve their customers and patients. The summary includes information regarding:

  • Cleaning solutions
  • Steps for cleaning products
  • Operating assumptions for handling shipments

Click here to read Sanitization Operating Assumptions.

Get Involved with National Sunglasses Day

Brought to you by The Vision Council, National Sunglasses Day – held annually on June 27 – is a commemorative date celebrating the importance of wearing UV-protective sunwear. As a member of The Vision Council, you understand the significance of spreading this message throughout the optical industry, with the goal of educating consumers about UV eye safety and increasing product sales.

Exclusive Benchmark Dashboard Study

Members of SRD are eligible to participate in the exclusive Benchmark Dashboard Study, the industry's only report that measures the financial performance of frame, sunglass and accessory companies, allowing companies to compare performance with that of similar companies.

Division Meetings and Networking

Discuss the latest news related to the Sunglass and Reader Division and receive tailored updates from industry leaders at the SRD Division Meetings, and meet and greet hundreds of others from the industry during the annual SRD Networking Receptions, both held in conjunction with the International Vision Expos. Click here to view past meeting resources.

Gain Valuable Insight with Division-Wide Industry Updates

Participate in bi-yearly webinars with members from across the division to hear the latest initiatives and ongoing projects from The Vision Council. Topics include the latest market research, SRD-specific consumer outreach campaigns, government and regulatory issues, and much more. Click here for summaries and resources from the latest SRD Division webinar.

Annual Trends Presentation

The Eyewear & Accessories Division and the Sunglass & Reader Division sponsor a free, members-only annual trend presentation at International Vision Expo East for product development and design managers, marketing managers and sales professionals. Trend specialists present member companies with annual trend updates for new eyewear fashion trends covering all areas of color, materials, design details, silhouettes and must-haves.

Consumer Outreach

The Vision Council maintains consumer outreach campaigns representing various topics of importance to the SRD Division & industry at large.