UV Protection

UV Protection

The Vision Council has been working to increase sunglass and other protective eyewear purchases by promoting the importance of ultraviolet (UV) protection to consumers in a variety of ways.

Consumer outreach includes traditional public relations, social media activities, and face-to-face interactions throughout the year. Since the 2016 launch on May 4, the UV campaign has already garnered over 84 million impressions.

Get Involved with National Sunglasses Day 2017

Brought to you by The Vision Council, National Sunglasses Day – held annually on June 27 – is a commemorative date celebrating the importance of wearing UV-protective sunwear. As a member of The Vision Council, you understand the significance of spreading this message throughout the optical industry, with the goal of educating consumers about UV eye safety and increasing product sales.

Building upon the overwhelming success of the 2016 campaign – which went viral, trending on social media and garnering more than half a billion consumer media impressions –The Vision Council is encouraging members to incorporate National Sunglasses Day into their 2017 sunwear sales plans. Click here for more details and to find out how you can get involved.

2016 Consumer UV Protection Report

UV Protection ReportThe Vision Council is educating consumers on the serious eye risks from exposure to the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays with its newest UV protection report, Spare Your Sight: Using Shades for Protection and Style, ensuring that consumers are making UV protection a crucial consideration when buying sunglasses, and looking for lenses and frames designed for their own specific activities and lifestyles. The release of the report to consumer reporters and editors coincides with May as UV Awareness Month, as consumers prepare for the start of summer and the Memorial Day holiday. An abbreviated overview of the information was also shared with long-lead magazines in February of this year, promoting story ideas and supplements for their summer issues.

New Industry-Focused UV Protection Report

UV ReportIn addition to this annual consumer UV protection report, The Vision Council has unveiled a second version of the report designed specifically for members of the optical industry. This report focuses on the statistical findings from VisionWatch data in order to inform readers about consumer perceptions of UV effects and UV-protective eyewear, and their knowledge of the many option available in today's market. A supplemental report is also available, providing a more detailed breakdown of the VisionWatch data and giving members the information needed to make informed business decisions. As the information becomes available, further editions of this report will include trended data and other yearly market changes.

Developed by a working group in response to member demand, this new report can be utilized by members and their accounts, including the ECP community and sales representatives, as well as for internal company education and corporate knowledge development.

This new resource includes an amended version of the consumer infographic that can be used within the industry on social media or as a "leave behind" for members and their accounts. Members are permitted and encouraged to print the report and corresponding infographic to utilize as they see fit.

Life Time Fitness

uv protectionFor the third year in a row, The Vision Council has again partnered with Life Time Fitness to reach consumers directly in promotion of the importance of UV protection. Our UV messaging will be on display at Life Time Fitness centers from April 1 until June 30. Life Time Fitness has over 110 locations and their fitness centers see over 200,000 members per day, which is about 6.25 million members each month. Their clientele is wealthy, healthy, and educated, making them perfectly aligned with our target demographic. The Vision Council is reaching this audience with messages featured in each gym by way of indoor posters, digital signage, and multiple 30-second TV spots on Lifetime TV - their in-house television station. View the UV Protection spot here.

In addition to the traditional partnership with Life Time, The Vision Council is also supporting Life Time as the sole Health sponsor for Esprit de She. Esprit de She is a running series for women, with 13 running, triathlon, and duathlon events each year. As a sponsor, The Vision Council will host a photo booth for race finishers to be shared over social media platforms. The Vision Council brand will also be highly visible at the race site in the form of banners and posters, PA announcements, and branded sunglasses in each runner's swag bag.

Media Placements

UV ProtectionIn an effort to increase sunglass and other UV-protective eyewear purchases, The Vision Council promotes the importance of UV protection to consumers through high-profile media placements. Throughout the year, the campaign works with online, print, and broadcast media outlets, fulfilling requests for projects they are working on and proactively pitching the fashion and health necessities of sunwear.

The Vision Council's 2016 UV report was highlighted on The Weather Channel's "Weather Underground," a live broadcast web-based program. The piece, found below, featured spokesperson and optometrist Dora Adamopoulos, who discussed the importance of UV protective sunglasses for adults and children alike. The campaign has also recently been placed in high-profile outlets including USA Today and NBC News.