Board of Directors

The governing body of The Vision Council is the Board of Directors, which has authority, and is responsible for, establishing policy and the supervision, control, and direction of The Vision Council. All candidates must qualify for office through the provisions of the organizational bylaws.

Mike Hundert, De Rigo Rem

Ken Bradley, Eschenbach Optik of America

Robert Liener, A&A Optical

Immediate Past Chairman:
Martin Bassett, Walman Optical

Kurt Atchison, Schneider Optical Machines
Swen Carlson, VSP Optics (Lab Division Chair)
Rick Clemente, Santinelli International (LPT Division Chair)
Bob Colucci, Essilor
Keith Cross, PPG (Lens Division Chair)
Rebecca Geifer, MODO Eyewear
Tim Gels, Eschenbach Optik (Low Vision Division Chair)
Andrea Gluck, Eyewear Designs (Eyewear & Accessories Division Chair)
Fredric Grethel, Enso Eyewear (Sunglass & Reader Division Chair)
Ray Khalil, Lafont USA
Ryan Kirkpatrick, Shwood (Emerging Optical Leaders Representative)
Drake McLean, Dietz-McLean Optical
Don Oakley, VSP Optics
Catherine Rauscher, Transitions Optical
Karen Roberts, Carl Zeiss
Scott Shapiro, Europa Eyewear
Rick Tinson, Hoya
Fabrizio Uguzzoni, Luxottica Wholesale

Non-Voting Ex-Officio Members:
Jim Anderson, Howe Anderson & Styer
Ashley Mills, The Vision Council

Staff Liaison:
Donna Jones, The Vision Council