The Vision Council maintains several operating divisions to address common interests among members. Members may choose one "home" division and are welcome to participate in other divisions' activities. Operating divisions of The Vision Council provide guidance, education programs, marketing materials, research and advocacy outreach to address common interests among members.

Eyewear & Accessories Division

Focuses on promoting eyewear as a fashion accessory, manufacturing standards and regulations and industry benchmarking. For more information contact Eyewear & Accessories Division Liaison Mitch Barkley.

Lab Division

Provides information, publications, education, and programs to help members operate and improve their business and their lab operations. For more information contact Lab Division Liaison Michael Vitale.

Lens Division

Creates standards and regulations, reviews lens-specific manufacturing issues and educates eye care professionals and consumers about lens technologies. For more information contact Senior Technical Director and Lens Division Liaison Michael Vitale.

Lens Processing & Technology Division

Monitors and establishes industry standards and creates industry-accepted compliance procedures. For more information contact Michael Vitale.

Low Vision Division

Works to raise awareness of low vision rehabilitation among eye care professionals, visually impaired consumers and their caregivers. For more information contact Maureen Beddis.

Optical Retail Division

Focuses on the unique business needs of optical retailers, provides government and regulatory guidance, and delivers consumer insights and specialized market data to help members improve their businesses. For more information contact Dave Pierson.

Sunglass & Reader Division

Promotes the fashion and function of sunwear and readers and provides guidance on standards and regulations. For more information contact SRD Liaison Tibor Gross.


Not all member companies fit into a specific division and often companies can belong to many different divisions. If you have questions about joining as a supplier or partner, please contact Maureen Beddis.