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Directors' Choice Award Recipient and 2019 Lab Division Hall of Fame Inductees Announced The Vision Council is pleased to announce the Lab Division's Directors' Choice Award recipient and the industry veterans who have been selected to be inducted into the Lab Division Hall of Fame for 2019. The Division has named Steve Sutherlin, The Vision... Read More »
Last week, Think About Your Eyes participated in Fuel Up to Play 60's Student Ambassador Summit. FUTP60, a result of a partnership between the National Dairy Council and the NFL, encourages today's youth to develop healthy habits around diet and exercise. The Student Ambassador Summit brought 250 middle and high school students and 150 faculty... Read More »
Update: National Sunglasses Day 2019 Garnered More than 1.2 Billion Impressions The final results from National Sunglasses Day 2019 are in! Due to its efforts, The Vision Council garnered more than 1.2 billion online, social media and broadcast consumer media impressions for National Sunglasses Day, with one of the official campaign hashtags #... Read More »
The Vision Council's market research team hosted an informational session yesterday, Wednesday, July 10, to delve into the restatement of VisionWatch's online eyeglasses sales, retailer eyeglasses sales and AR lens sales topline datapoints from 2013–2018. Thank you to all who participated and contributed. To hear the full conversation, please... Read More »
The Vision Council's market research team will be hosting an informational session on Wednesday, July 10, at 3 p.m. EDT to delve into the restatement of VisionWatch's online eyeglasses sales, retailer eyeglasses sales and AR lens sales topline datapoints from 2013–2018. The 30-minute conversation will allow attendees the opportunity to be briefed... Read More »
Dear Valued Member, As the global voice for vision care products and services, The Vision Council represents many manufacturers and suppliers of the optical industry and aims to position members for success in a competitive marketplace. The Vision Council continuously evaluates and evolves member services to ensure that they meet the needs of all... Read More »
Dear Members, The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Z80 Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) for Ophthalmic Optics is honored to be selected as the host organization for the fall 2019 International Organization for Standardization (ISO) TC172/SC7 Ophthalmic Optics and Instruments meeting. The standards process serves as the critical... Read More »
National Sunglasses Day 2019 Goes Viral, Secures Consumer and Industry Support on June 27 The Vision Council held another successful National Sunglasses Day on June 27! Due to its efforts, The Vision Council has garnered social media, broadcast and online media impressions for the celebratory day, while securing overwhelming industry support and... Read More »
China and U.S. to Resume Negotiations Toward Resolving Trade War. As the Group of 20 Nations ("G20") Summit concluded on June 29th, President Trump announced that the United States would hold off at this time from assessing additional customs duties on the remaining $300 billion in Chinese imports. Instead, the United States and China agreed to... Read More »
Today is National Sunglasses Day—a commemorative date held annually on June 27 celebrating the importance of wearing shades to protect the eyes from the sun's harsh ultraviolet (UV) rays—and in honor of the celebration, The Vision Council briefed Congressional staff this afternoon on campaign messaging and established the importance of educating... Read More »